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The problem

Remote working is becoming the standard and this allows companies to attract talent from all around the globe.

However hiring remote employees comes is extremely complex. Think about payroll, benefits, compliance, local taxes, which is different in every country.

There is no one service that solves everything. The market is fragmented and in order to employ employees in more than one country, you would need to work with multiple vendors.

The options

There are three options to solve this problem. One of them is the best.

1. You could hire your employees as 'freelancers'.
In most cases this means that your employees need to start a company themselves in order to send you an invoice for their work. A freelancer is not protected by local law, it's hard to get a mortgage and a pension is not available.

2. You could set up an entity in the country where you want to hire an employee.
However, setting up an entity comes with a lot of overhead. You might need a local director in the country you want to set up shop. You need a bank account, an office for an address, a local accountancy firm and some lawyers. The cost and time are simply not worth it.

3. You make use of an 'Employer of Record' company.
Basically this means that your employee is officially hired by a local company. They become the employer on record. You pay a monthly invoice to the company for the payroll. Your employee can now reap the benefits of employment and you don't have to set up your own entity. What a breeze! 

The solution

The last Employer of Record service is what most companies would want to use.

And that's where Rivermate comes in. We offer Employer of Record services in 150 countries. By working together with local payroll partners, we leverage their local expertise, without having to hire hundreds of employees to keep up with local regulations.

That means we can offer competitive pricing, while offering superior expertise in every corner of the world.
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